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“What we have once enjoyed 
we can never lose; 
All that we love deeply
 becomes a part of us.
– Helen Keller

over the rainbow pet memorial painting M


Rainbow Friends

While painting, I ask Mya to please help your pet find its way home over the rainbow. With the portrait displayed on your wall or shelf, your friend will feel welcomed to visit you in your dreams or waking life, and will be remembered as a part of your heart furever.

Read about little Mya at the bottom of the page :)

in memory of pet painting
I work off of the photo you email me, just like my regular pet portraits I offer. Same pricing and process, just a little different...
The difference is that I give extra empathy and spiritual energy to the painting.
I ask Mya to help your friend, as their guide, make a safe and joyous journey over the rainbow bridge. 

With every pet portrait of a furry friend, I strive to consciously capture the personality of your beloved friend.

I mindfully and whole-heartedly feel their essence, and empathically understand the joy that they brought you, and do my best to portray that joy with each brush stroke I give to the canvas.

Feel free to share any stories and great times, or special personality traits of your furry. 
 Please let me know how I can assist your grieving process, as I understand the pain you are going through can be very difficult.

I believe it helps to honor your grieving process, and also honor your pet.

You can email me directly to get an order started, or visit my Online Shop to make an order or view more canvas size options and pricing.

Painting with Ashes
Feel free to reach out with questions about incorporating your pet's ashes into the painting.

Enjoy this time-lapse video below:
Myas Rainbow Friends pet portrait Over t
mya's rainbow friends
therapeutic art raleigh nc
Pet memorial portrait painting Myas Rain
myas rainbow friends pet portrait in mem

Tribute to Mya

  Words cannot express the amount of heaviness one may have in their heart when it comes to letting go of their animal friends.  I let go of my dear, sweet girl, Mya on May 31st, 2019.  It was a blend of bittersweet, joy, deep sadness, surreal, heavenly warmth- all in one emotion.

Mya was 12 years old when she passed, after struggling for some years with heart disease.  She came to this earth to help me grow as a person, develop my Self, and believe in myself to be a professional artist. 


Her time on this earth was full of fun, happiness, pure love and joy. 

She brought so much joy to so many people.  When I posted about her passing on social media, my heart was so overjoyed to read all the words from her human friends who had the great pleasure of knowing her over the years.  She was the sweetest, softest, spunky little cavalier spaniel and chihuahua mix.

She was an amazing inspiration and motivation for my artwork.  Below are some of the paintings of her I created over the years.  It is wild to see how primitive my style was 10 years ago!  My work has come a long way, and I give her appreciation and respect for always being by my side, with every painting I ever did, under my feet, always there.  It will be different to paint without her physically there, but I know she will be with me still, right with me, always, with every painting I ever create for the world.

Thank you, Mya, my sweetheart, for everything and all of your encouragement for my artwork.  I love you.

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