Online store

Thank you for visiting my online store.

Shipping is included in the prices below. If you are local to the Raleigh, NC area, please let me know if you would prefer a local pick up and I would be happy to take off the shipping cost for you.

All items and pet portraits may also be purchased via Venmo, PayPal or cash if picking up locally in the Raleigh area instead of purchasing through my store. Let me know how I can help, thank you!

Venmo: @Amy-Jorge (amyyeagerjorge) last four digits are 9650

PayPal: @amyscreativecorner


Enjoy prints of some of my original paintings on various sizes of paper. Let me know if there is a painting of mine that you'd like to have printed that you do not see in my shop. Prints are also available in person at Peace in the Forest in Wake Forest, NC. Thank you!


Hand painted items such as purses, planting pots, and leather wallets. Other products are printed from my artist profile on and are available to you directly from me. You can also find many more gifts on my profile where they would ship directly to you instead.

Graphic Design

Simple and elegant logo designs created by Amy. Affordable and convenient way to start your own small business with a fresh and clean professional logo.

Visit my Society 6 page for ordering items like mugs, serving trays, prints, pillows, yoga mats, and so much more.